Windows 10… Should You Upgrade?

For every copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 our there (whether Home or Professional version) there is a free copy of Windows 10 for you until July 15 of 2016! But is Windows 10 worth the upgrade for your business?

First you need to balance the potential pros and cons of an operating system upgrade so you can know if Windows 10 will be worth the upgrade or simply cause heartache.

Potential Pros

The good thing about Windows 10 is a significant improvement upon Windows 8 as far as usability and user-friendliness.

That is, if you couldn’t ever figure out how to do anything in Windows 8, you’ll be glad to know that Windows 10 operates a little more like the Windows systems of old (Windows 7, Vista, and XP).

Another great thing about updating is that the support doesn’t end for Windows 10 until 2025. To contrast, support for Windows Vista ends in 2017, Windows 7 in 2020, and Windows 8 in 2023.

“Support” just means updates. When an operating system is unsupported, it no longer receives bug fixes and security updates.  This means it can become unsafe for your organization to keep around and you should migrate to a newer version.

Windows 10 also has general improvements to smoothness, performance, and driver installation. You may or may not notice these backend pros, but they are welcomed by techs like me.

Potential Cons

In the corporate world of software deployment (think large organizations with hundreds of computers) IT departments don’t typically update to the newest operating systems. This is for various reasons: chief among them is that change management is a pain.

The issue with Windows 10 right now is that, even though it’s nearly a year old now, it’s still considered to be relatively new software. There are still bugs and other quirks that haven’t been worked out yet, and a lot of small to medium sized software developers still don’t support it.

Translation? If you are thinking of upgrading to Windows 10, you need to make sure any proprietary software your company might be using is compatible.

There also might be a learning curve for some users, but Windows 10 is much simpler than its predecessor Windows 8.


So what about your business? In most cases it will only take a quick phone consult to decide if upgrading is right for you. Contact us at 405-245-3669 and we will set you up today to speak with an experienced technician!



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