Grand Opening

Photo of the My Computer Bytes ribbon cutting

This morning at 9:30 we had our official ribbon cutting ceremony with the Mustang and Yukon Chambers of Commerce. We kicked off our grand opening with snacks, tours, pictures, and time to chat!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Businesspeople from all over Yukon and Mustang came and mingled before we all started our day. There were music, door prizes, lots of visiting, and snacks! Oh, the snacks. Cake, fruit, cupcakes, crackers… yum. We have been trying to give away the leftover cake all day, courtesy of Sam’s Club! 😉

We had maybe 50 people show up, and boy were our narrow halls crowded! I never thought I’d see so many people in the front room.

This is a big day for us as we are finally ending our “soft open” phase and starting up an exciting campaign to serve Oklahoma City, Canadian County, and the City of Mustang! Luckily Ashley Hodges of Plum Crazy Designs was there to photograph the occasion!

I was honestly surprised to see business trickle in so quickly right after we opened. We have already had a good amount of walk-ins per week before even much advertising. Mustang must have needed a computer shop!

After years of business consulting and outsourcing the time was ripe to open a shop in town. It’s great to have a dedicated home base and a bigger place to work so I can fix your computers! Our new location has a workroom outfitted to repair 10-15 systems at once.

If you’ve been thinking of stopping by or giving us a call, there is no better time! We are totally open and  completely official.

Keep your eyes open, we will soon have a banner on Mustang road and a unique open sign. We are always looking for ways to make our mark so we are recognizable and unforgettable! Stop by and say “hey” or bring your trouble technology and say “my computer bytes!”


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