We Made the News!

Scanned image of a local news story in the Mustang News - My Computer Bytes opens new location

In the Paper

Did you see us in the Mustang news? Our new shop is now open, and we’re letting the world know about it! On April 11 Bill and Lori (the owners of MCB) were interviewed by E.I. Hillin. The story went out in the Thursday paper of the Mustang News.

Word of MCB is spreading, and we are proud and thankful to be part of a local community like Mustang, Yukon, Canadian county, and even Oklahoma City. We will soon be having a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by a grand opening, so keep your eyes open!

For service-based businesses in local communities like ours, marketing is all about grassroots, word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals. Don’t get me wrong; we are also active online and plan on placing some adds, but your recommendation is the best form of flattery!

Ready to Serve

If you live in the Canadian county area, MCB is your single stop for all computer needs. We don’t just repair computers; we sell them, build them, and accessorize them as well. And if you need a piece of hardware we don’t have, we can special order it for you!

We do quick consults for free, diagnose for a small fee, and waive the diagnostic fee if there is a repair cost. We will always call you before we make any repairs or order any parts and attempt to give you an accurate quote before we begin anything. No surprise costs or unexpected screw-ups!

Honesty is important to us. If you’re better off buying a new refurbished computer, we won’t recommend an expensive repair. We’d rather sell you a new system you’re happy with than put a lot of time into a system that’s already too old or messed up to have a productive and enjoyable experience.

On that same note, we don’t recommend new systems if a quick and easy repair is really what’s best for you. Why waste a perfectly good computer if all you need is a clean-up or a new hard drive?


Stop by or give us a call to ask us about your computer related issue, or check out our store!

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