Low-Voltage Wiring for Business

Did you know that My Computer Bytes can do low-voltage electric cabling? That means we can run cable in your building for internet, phones, TVs, projectors, sound equipment, and just about any other low-voltage electric need.

If you have an unstable wireless network and think it’s time to be wired or have a TV you need to hang from a wall or ceiling and connect to a computer across the room, low-voltage wiring is what you need to make everything work and look professional.

Difference between High and Low Voltage

High voltage wiring is connecting light switches, power outlets, ceiling lights, and other equipment to a fuse box and then your electric provider. This is anything that connects to a 120-volt AC system. High voltage wiring requires a specific electrician license to perform commercially.

Low-voltage wiring is anything that uses a small amount of electricity to transmit data. These are the internet ports you use in your office, or the cable jack you plug your modem or digital TV box into. Low voltage connections do not require a license to install and do not require the same safety standards and precautions.

Therefore, My Computer Bytes offers low-voltage wiring to client who might need internet or phone wall jacks, coaxial connections, HDMI ports, and the like. If you don’t know what you might need, give us a call today for a free consult!

When you Need Wiring

Wired connections in a network are faster, more stable, and have connectivity issues less often – especially in larger and older buildings. When using a wired connection, issues like range and interference are not a problem. Also, wiring a network through walls and ceilings prevents unsightly wire clutter from kinking up or tripping people.

Also, mounting a TV or monitor from a wall or ceiling will usually require some wiring to make it look nice. Taking those cables through the walls and ceiling makes for a cleaner appearance and simplifies the connection process.

If you have electronics and need more wall jacks for phone or internet connectivity, give us a call for a quote today!

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