Get a Backup Solution… Yesterday!

Small businesses don’t need to worry about data backups, right? Wrong!

Imagine all the data your employees work with on any given computer from day to day. Emails, documents, spreadsheets, images… what if all  that were to be rendered useless or inaccessible? Do you have a backup plan?

Retrieving data is not always as simple as a recovery scan or a plug-in and search function. As a tech, I’ve seen calamity strike more than once. Someone fails to plug their server into a UPS battery backup and a power failure kills a hard drive; one computer on a network gets an encryption virus that jumps to server data and locks down every usable file; a disgruntled employee deletes important information before leaving the company.

What do you do in these situations? If you have a decent file storage and backup strategy, restoration goes from being a rearing and exensive pain in the neck to a minor inconvenience.

I saw it just last week: an entire networked storage drive on a server was affected (see the above example) by a virus that permanently locks down all data it can find. File recovery on the victim (host) machine was a nightmare: it wasn’t backed up, took days for our recovery program to recover all the files, and once they were recovered they had all been renamed by the virus. Yuck!

The server, however, was backup up with our recommended service. Restoring the files took only a couple of hours and the business was up and running again normally the next morning.

At My Computer Bytes, we don’t just “put out fires” and fix day-to-day-issues. We also aim to help your business put these plans in place to avoid inevitable calamities. Call us at 405-245-3669 for a free quote and consult on a backup solution today!

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