The Difference Between Computer Repair Vs. Outsourced IT

Last week I talked to a company that has been depending on computer repair services from a large computer retailer. The conversation went like this,

I asked “who do you currently use for your Information Services?”

“We use [so-and-so] when we have a computer problem,” the office manager replied.

“They cover all of your IT needs?” I asked.

The reply, “yeah, they take care of us pretty good.”

“I have one question. When they come out for a repair, do you notice that they recommend new systems a lot?” I responded.

“Yeah, but that’s because we have a lot of old equipment.” She replied.

“So what do they do for you for other IT services besides repair?” I asked.

“What other services? I don’t understand the question?” She asked.

“You know, things like cyber security, system back up, help desk support. Things like that?”

The office manager momentarily looked perplexed, then she brightened as she said, “We don’t really worry about that. We’re not that big.”

This conversation is not unusual. There is a big difference between a company that shows up to repair computers and those that provide IT services. The large retail organizations offering on-site computer repair do so as an extension of their retail operations. Many times, their solutions involve the purchase of new equipment as opposed to repair of existing equipment. Your objective of protecting your investment dollar directly conflicts with their corporate objectives.

The IT department should be strictly involved in providing the infrastructure for automation, the governance for the use of the network and operating systems, and assistance in providing the operational units the functionality they need. Along with making recommendations about what equipment to use and which vendors to work with, the IT department also oversees the day to day operations of all electronic communication devices within the company. That includes configuring network access, new workstation setup and changing existing workstations, and credentialing company personnel.

Most computer repair companies, especially the repair arm of large retailers, are not equipped or competent enough to provide these functions for your business. Most of the time when you request technical support, the responding tech was the next available in the closest proximity, regardless of whether or not the tech has previous experience with your system or set up.

At MCB, your assigned tech operates as a member of your staff. Your tech is well versed in communications systems, networks, network services as well as computer repair and services. Should you require additional services, your tech becomes your single-point of contact to experts in complex services such as network design, cyber security, and even your proprietary software applications.

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