Did Your Small Business Just Bring a Knife to the Cybersecurity Gunfight?

I’d like to address the perception that because a company is small they don’t have to concern themselves with cyber-security.

I talk to between 150 to 200 small/ medium sized businesses per week. When I mention cyber-security I get responses like, “We have that covered.” or “Our credit card service provides that.” or, my favorite, “We’re so small that no one is really interested in hacking us. We don’t even have a network or a server.”

let me appeal to logic in addressing the first statement, “We’ve got that covered.”

My response is, “No you don’t!” If you think that you do, you’re fooling yourself.

The largest companies have millions invested in firewalls and sophisticated security technology. They have entire IT departments dedicated to keeping company data and information secured. Yet they’re still being breached. The feeling is now that no matter who you are, the question is not, “Will I be breached?” The only question is, “When will I get hacked?” Overconfidence breeds danger.

I understand that many believe that cyber security requires a significant investment. That’s quite a financial burden on a business working with thin margins and increasing expenses. By prioritizing the expense of cyber security over profits the business owner is, unwittingly, exposing each of their customers as well as each of their suppliers to a significant risk that ultimately could drive the business into bankruptcy.

The majority of major breaches that we hear about in the news can be traced back to one of two things – Employee behavior or Small business vendors. Cyber criminals consider small businesses to be prime targets to infiltrate larger, more sophisticated networks. Small businesses tend to have less security and are easier to breach.

Using the credentials of the smaller business, the criminal accesses and secures a foothold into larger networks. From there the criminal seeks a ‘super user’ with access to all company data and servers.

After that, it’s simply a matter of setting up communications with the criminals’ servers to store all of the stolen information. Some of the more sophisticated malware takes steps to mask their existence by deleting entries of their activities into the master boot directory.

The outsourced IT services provided by MCB mitigates cyber security risks and prepares your company to protect itself and it’s assets from attacks. Simply putting in place a low-cost Incident Response Plan and implementing processes and procedures prepares your company to minimize damage caused by criminal cyber behavior or even inadvertent employee actions. Contact MCB to schedule a meeting to discuss your company’s cyber preparedness. You’ll be surprised at how cost effective and easy it is.

MCB provides outsourced IT services for the Metropolitan Oklahoma City area. We can be reached at sales@mycomputerbytes.com...

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