Importance of Battery Backups

It’s Spring – exactly that time of year to be concerned about battery backups for your servers, business computers, and networking equipment.

With all the infamous storms we get here in Oklahoma around this time of year, you want to be sure your equipment is protected from power loss or worse.

Save money by installing UPS systems for less than the cost of an inevitable repair due to electrical damage.

What is a battery backup (or UPS?)

A battery backup is more properly know as an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS.

It’s a device that keeps equipment operational when electricity is lost and also keeps anything plugged into it safe from surges and brown-outs (under-voltage, which is very common in Oklahoma).

Contrary to popular belief a UPS is not designed to act as a generator and keep your employees working during an outage.

Instead it is designed to allow enough time to properly shut down computers and machinery and avoid electrical damage to the equipment.

“But I Use Surge Protectors!”

You might think you’re safe from electrical damage if you plug your devices into a surge protector. Not quite!

Yes, you are safe from power surges which are spikes of higher voltage that can damage devices and cause electrical faults.

However the more common power issue in Oklahoma is brown-outs. These are short periods of under-voltage (low power) where devices can’t get enough power to properly operate.

Brown-outs are just as much of a threat if not more to computers and other electronics than power surges are. And guess what? Surge protectors cannot prevent damage from an under-voltage.

A UPS, on the other hand, always has a rechargeable battery ready to compensate for power loss whether for a few milliseconds or a few minutes.

Cost Effectiveness

I understand the question of whether or not it’s really worth it and cost-effective to opt for using a UPS battery backup. It can be quite an investment to make sure all of your computers and network appliances are using them.

After years and years of seeing what Oklahoma’s somewhat unstable power grid can do to computer equipment, please take it from me: you want to use these things.

Not just power loss from a storm but even a simple brown-out can cause expensive electrical faults. Damage can occur in critical parts such as the power supply or even the motherboard of a system, which can cost $180-$500 or more to repair.

Compare with the cost of a $100 UPS which can protect you from multiple instances of electrical damage. Yes, a storm can destroy a UPS or its battery, but even in this case you’ve still protected yourself from the potential of a more costly repair.

Let’s look at it again:

Cost of power supply or motherboard repair – $180-$500+
Cost to install or replace a UPS battery backup – $100


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