Got A Rotten Apple? Just you Wait…

Apple computers are often held up as the infallible and unbreakable computers… perfectly built, perfectly running, free from risk of viruses and malicious software. But the dirty truth is that Macs can go bad, too, and they do. But what if your warranty is out and customer support wants you to send in your system and wait for months to get a pricey repair?

Your solution might soon be just around the corner. At this time, My Computer Bytes is exploring potentially becoming an Apple-certified repair center. In fact, I currently have access to training from Apple on certification and plan on starting it very soon. This means that within a year, MCB may very well be your nearest Apple repair center.

While hardware in a Mac is not too different from hardware in any other computer, the operating system is quite different and where the biggest learning curve lies. Still, forĀ  professional hardware/software techs like us at MCB, learning a new operating system is usually not too difficult.

We would love to offer services for Apple computers right now, but unfortunately we are not legally able to repair Macs without certification and approval from Apple. While we do want to start providing this service as soon as possible, training and certification does take time.

Can you imagine having your Apple product needs taken care of without the long drive into the city? That’s why we’re working on being your one-stop place for all your computer needs, consumer or business. Welcome to the digital world, just down the street!

In the meantime we are your best authority in town for networking and Windows-based server and PC work. We appreciate your patience and patronage as we continue to expand out horizons and services! Don’t hesitate to give us a call for a free consult – today!

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