Data Recovery

Sometimes hard drives die. Sometimes you accidentally delete something. Sometimes there is a system failure that prevents you from accessing your files. There are plenty of reasons why someone might need a data recovery service and at My Computer Bytes we are ready to help.

In most cases even though it seems like your files are gone you can still retrieve them in some way. Various kinds of data recovery software allow for information retrieval, and several strategies exist to recovery data from a crashed system. We at MCB have a pretty high success rate for data recovery but there are some instances where we can’t retrieve everything.

When Data Can’t be Recovered

There are generally 3 types of data loss…. 1 is when a file appears to be gone when you look for it, but it still exists on the drive. This is the simplest type of recovery and is generally very easy to reverse. 2 is when data has been overwritten or destroyed from the hard drive. In this case there are a lot of factors that can determine how easy it is to recover the data. 3 is when files become corrupt or encrypted. Corruption is usually difficult to fix but there is usually a workaround.

Most of the time we can help you get your data back, but it depends on the complexity of the issue. We will occasionally fail to fully recovery data because it has been overwritten too many times, been damaged, or been corrupted. In this case more complex data recovery is still possible, but MCB does not have the technology to physically retrieve data and the cost to do so is prohibitive.

How to Prevent Data Loss

The best way to deal with data loss is to avoid it altogether. Having a backup solution is the best way to avoid the need for risky data recovery. If your files are backed up on a regular basis, then the worst thing that can happen is losing some time to restore that backup. No worry about whether or not you can get your data back and no expense for pricey data recovery techniques.

If you have data loss issues or want to avoid them by implementing a backup solution, give us a call today for a free consult! My Computer Bytes can help you ensure you never have an awful recovery horror story again!

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