Staying Safe Online

We’re always hearing about viruses, phishing, and identity theft. How do we avoid these things? What do they even mean? We covered some basic terms here, but now we’re going to tell you how to keep your computer safe from these threats. Dangerous Download Links When browsing the internet it’s easy to come across big, … Read more

Windows 10… Should You Upgrade?

For every copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8 our there (whether Home or Professional version) there is a free copy of Windows 10 for you until July 15 of 2016! But is Windows 10 worth the upgrade for your business?

First you need to balance the potential pros and cons of an operating system upgrade so you can know if Windows 10 will be worth the upgrade or simply cause heartache.

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Did Your Small Business Just Bring a Knife to the Cybersecurity Gunfight?

I’d like to address the perception that because a company is small they don’t have to concern themselves with cyber-security. I talk to between 150 to 200 small/ medium sized businesses per week. When I mention cyber-security I get responses like, “We have that covered.” or “Our credit card service provides that.” or, my favorite, … Read more