A Big Announcement for MCB…

2017 is a year of new ventures for My Computer Bytes. I already mentioned our new sister company Lightning Communications in the new year blog post. That means that along with excellent IT service you can also get a fantastic business phone system on the same network.

But we have even bigger news: and this is real exciting! My Computer Bytes is opening up a physical shop location! Yes, that means we will now be working on consumer electronics!

Since inception, MCB has primarily focused on business clients. But soon anyone can bring in their personal laptops or desktops for repair, maintenance, new hardware installation, or to plan a custom computer build to meet your needs.

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How to Tell if You Need IT Outsourcing

Sometimes outsourcing can be tricky or risky, and in some situations you may not know whether it’s time or not to take that step. Can you manage with the few tasks that need to be done? Should you hire someone in-house?

With computers it is generally pretty easy to tell when you are in over your head, but what if you already have someone who handles your tech? Are they dedicated for IT, or is it something they take care of in addition to their main role?

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