A Big Announcement for MCB…

2017 is a year of new ventures for My Computer Bytes. I already mentioned our new sister company Lightning Communications in the new year blog post. That means that along with excellent IT service you can also get a fantastic business phone system on the same network.

But we have even bigger news: and this is real exciting! My Computer Bytes is opening up a physical shop location! Yes, that means we will now be working on consumer electronics!

Since inception, MCB has primarily focused on business clients. But soon anyone can bring in their personal laptops or desktops for repair, maintenance, new hardware installation, or to plan a custom computer build to meet your needs.

We will be able to help the local consumer market with everything from viruses, performance issues, and program installations to adding new hard drives, replacing broken parts, and selecting new systems to purchase. Customers will have a reliable, friendly, and effective computer repair tech nearby during business hours.

We’ll also be helping customers to build the computers of their dreams… and to do exactly what they need them to. Starting a photography business? You’ll need the right specifications to make sure you computer can render everything it needs to for editing. Into gaming? We’ll make sure you get the best graphics you can at no cost to performance.

Not only that, but we plan on stocking some of the essentials for everyday computer use. That way you have every accessory you need in addition to the computer repairs or new systems you need. Convenience!

Business clients will also now have a convenient location for drop-offs and pick-ups. Don’t worry, we’ll still come to you, but now you can hunt us down! 🙂

We just have one little thing left in our way…

Renovation! Yeah, it might take a few more weeks before we are ready to start moving in… but we are working on it! In the meantime, give us a call to reserve your spot in line on opening day!

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